• 20 egg-yolks ;
  • 2 egg-whites ;
  • 500 grs of sugar ;
  • 3 dl of water


Separate the yolks from the whites and pass the yolks through a sieve together with the two egg-whites which have been cut with a knife.
Meanwhile, a solution of sugar and hot water is prepared; let it boil until it forms a thin stream when it is dripped from a spoon. Continuing to boil, add the egg-yolks (already passed through the sieve), pouring them through a special funnel with three spouts.
Hold the shaft off the funnel with the right hand and describe slow, circular motions so that the egg threads do not brake and so that they cook in the solution.
The higher the level from which you pour the egg-yolk threads, the thinner they will be.
As soon as the funnel  is empty, take the deep pan off the stove, add a little water and take out the egg-yolk threads with a skimming ladle, placing them on a wet plate. Place the sugar-and-water solution on the flame once again and keep doing that until there is no more egg-yolks.

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