Silves Squire


  • 200 grs of husked almonds ;
  • 200 grs of sugar ;
  • 3 egg yolks ;
  • 10 grs of ovos moles (an egg yolk sweet) ;
  • 20 grs of fios de ovos  (en egg yolk sweet) ;
  • 100 grs of Malabar gourd preserve ;
  • 0.5 grs of glace Royal (1) ;
  • flour, butter or lard ;
  • sugar flowers and leaves ;

(1) Blend of icing sugar, egg-whites and lemon juice (about 100 grs of sugar to 1 egg-white)


Place the sugar and a little water in a pan and put it on the flame. Boil the sugar for a few minutes until it forms a slightly thick, unbroken string when dripped from a spoon.
Then add the almonds (previously peeled and passed through a grinder three times).
Gradually stir in the egg yolks, and keep on the stove until the bottom of the pan can be seen when the mixture is pushed away with a spoon.
Let it cool off.
Place the flour on the moulding board; on it, spread two thirds of the mixture, giving it the shape of a round box.
In that box place half the «fios de ovos», then the Malabar gourd preserve and the «ovos moles» and finally the other half of the «fios de ovos»; cover this with the remaining mixture.
Take a tin mould with the same height as the cake.
Grease it with lard or butter, powder it with flour and adjust it to the cake.
Place this in a tray and bake it in the oven until it is brown.
Take the mould off the «squire», scrape off all the flour, cover it with glace Royal and decorate to taste with sugar flowers and leaves.

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