Almond and Chocolate «Figs»

Makes 16 figs

  • 250 grs of sugar ;
  • 250 grs of husked almonds ;
  • 30 grs of cocoa ;
  • 1 egg ;
  • 1 soupspoon of milk ;


Boil the sugar for a few minutes until if forms a slightly thick, unbroken string when dripped from a spoon. Add the peeled and ground almonds. Let the mixture continue to boil until it is so thick that a mark is left in when a spoon is drowned it it.
Then take it off the stove and add the cocoa, the egg and the milk.
Stir all the ingredients together on the flame again so it becomes even thicker.
Place  the mixture on a damp tray and mould it in the shape of figs.

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