Maize Mash with Sardines

Serves 4

  • 300 grs of maize flour ;
  • 500 grs  of fresh sardines ;
  • 50 grs of onions ;
  • 100 grs of fresh tomatoes ;
  • 1 dl of olive oil ;
  • 1/4 bunch of parsley ;
  • vinegar to taste ;
  • salt to taste ;
  • water


Remove the scales and guts from the sardines with the help of a small knife. Wash them in cold water and let them dry.
Place a pot on the stove with about 4 liters of salted water. When the water begins to boil, add the sardines and let them cook.
After the sardines have been cooked (which should take about 10 minutes), place them on a dish.
In another pot, use the olive oil to fry the minced onion, the peeled, deseeded and finely diced tomatoes and part of the parsley. Stir and fry but avoid browning.
Add about 3 liters of the water in which the sardines were boiled after passing it through a fine strainer. Bring to a boil. Season with salt and pepper.
Take the pot off the flame and dissolve the flour in the liquid with the help of a metal beater or a wooden spoon.
Place the pot on the flame once again and cook the mixture for about an hour, stirring from time to time to prevent burning.
Serve the mash hot, accompanied by the sardines which should be seasoned with olive oil and chopped parsley.

Hint: The sardines should be medium sized. The tomato should be preferentially very ripe. Take off the stem and scald the tomato in boiling water so as to be able to peel more easily.
Then cut the tomato in half and take out the seeds.

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